Artistry in Motion: Bottega Veneta’s FW/23 Collection is a Masterclass in Craftsmanship

Matthieu Blazy's Milanese orchestra

Artistry in Motion: Bottega Veneta’s FW/23 Collection is a Masterclass in Craftsmanship
Yaseen Dockrat

As you’re aware, Milan Fashion Week is well underway, and as per usual, it is delivering sumptuous collections, day after day, show after show. Among these, and perhaps the most delicious of them all, was Matthieu Blazy’s show for Bottega Veneta Winter 2023.

As always happens with the ushering in of a new creative director, all eyes were on Blazy as he embarked on a new adventure with one of the hottest brands of the moment. In true Blazy and Bottega Veneta fashion, the show proved to be everything the fashion industry had been anticipating. 

Here at YUNG, we’re bringing you all the happenings from Blazy’s stunning creation.

Bottega Veneta is back on social media

After disappearing from all social media back in 2021, Bottega Veneta is back, well, sort of. The brand mysteriously left all the major platforms two years ago but leading up to Blazy’s Winter 2023 collection, it has joined the popular Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo. That’s right, the Italian luxury house is still not on popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, however, this move may spell a rejoining of social media under Blazy.

The show took inspiration from an Orchestra

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta’s Winter 2023 show drew inspiration from Italian orchestras, when people take to the streets and there’s a surprise at every turn — and at Bottega Veneta, Blazy is the maestro in command. “A parade: The alchemy of the street is in the difference; who will you meet? What is around the corner? Who will amaze you? It is the surprise of the encounter that has importance,” Blazy said. 

Blazy reimagined past silhouettes with all the trimmings

Bottega Veneta

The collection proved to be a moment of ingenuity, and possibly the moment to take fashion week. Blazy’s collection was awash with overblown shapes and texture – enough to fill the room. Taking inspiration from codes found in carnival dresses, the collection took the form of a new kind of skin, and was full of cascading scales and feathers, featuring on coats, skirts and jumpers. The influences of a classic Italian orchestra were clear to see. 

Leather was made to mimic other fabrics

Bottega Veneta

Blazy found new configurations in clothing and leather goods. Leather, a material long used by the house, was configured to look like everything but leather. What looked like knitted socks were knitted leather shoes, while the pinstriped nightshirt and flannel pyjamas were realised in full Nappa leather. 

One part of the Bottega story comes to an end

Murano glass was used to form the translucent handles of Sardine Bags, held by models as they made their way down the runway. The new forms on display here “point to the end of one part of the Bottega Veneta story, and the beginning of another, a new mythology,” the brand said in a statement.

The Winter 2023 collection is the closing of Blazy’s Italia Trilogy, three shows that were all dedicated to Italy, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. 

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