Loro Piana FW/23 Embraces Nature and the City

A complete journey into the world of Loro Piana

FASHION 28/02/2023
Yaseen Dockrat

Italian luxury house Loro Piana has presented its FW/23 Men’s and Women’s collections in Milan. To celebrate the new designs, and the incredible fabrics that make the collections possible, the Maison also set up a number of activations around the city, including one that allowed visitors to touch bales of the brand’s unspun cashmere. 

Celebrating fine fabrics and regional inspiration

Loro Piana

Loro Piana is synonymous with style and for using the finest fabrics from around the world. It was only fitting, then, for the Maison to curate several pop-ups to celebrate it latest offerings on the streets of Milan. Loro Piana invited young mixologists to curate drinks informed by the collection’s craftsmanship and inspiration. Visitors to the pop-ups were invited to enjoy drinks crafted with ingredients from Peru, New Zealand, Australia and Mongolia – the very countries that supply the fabrics used in the the FW/23 collection. 

Sensation: A room full of cashmere

Loro Piana

Loro Piana is a house of sensations, that fosters the idea that experience is the essence of luxury and en plein air enjoyment. Arguably the moment that stole the show, apart from the collection itself, was the cashmere room on the upstairs floor. The room was filled with unspun bales of cashmere that guests could touch, something very few of us are ever likely to do. Almost inconceivably light and soft, the bales were a testament to the quality of the materials used in the collection.

The men’s collection

The FW/23 men’s collection brings Loro Piana’s luxury craftsmanship to the modern individual, one who lives an active lifestyle. Classic and signature forms and silhouettes are reinvented to deliver the duality the contemporary man looks for, formal and informal, both stylish and playful. The collection follows the imagery found as one travels across landscapes, from the blue and green of the Peruvian sky to the natural hues of New Zealand. Mildly formal car coats and padded jackets take over from dimensional outerwear in rich wool and leather. Chevron weaves are paired with Cashfur and mixed shearlings to deliver a layered and rich outerwear selection that keeps protects against the harsh elements of winter.

Loro Piana

Accessories come in the form of sturdy loafers, scarves and woollen caps that ensure that you’re at your sartorial best while still keeping warm.

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