Fahd El Amrousy – Subtle Elevation

Transcending labels.

Fahd El Amrousy – Subtle Elevation
Nujoud Oweis

Fahd El Amrousy (Instagram) is a style maven hailing from Egypt and Algeria, who traces his fashion evolution through varied phases, from trend-driven to his current avant-garde flair. His unique and harmonious style, influenced by Middle Eastern and Moroccan cultures, challenges norms while reflecting a blend of traditional and contemporary inspirations. Through his unconventional yet confident wardrobe, El Amrousy conveys the message that personal style transcends brand labels, advocating for the power of individuality and confidence in fashion. His guidance for style seekers emphasizes the fusion of basic pieces with statement elements, showcasing a pathway to elevate personal style with subtlety and distinction.

Welcome, Fahd El Amrousy, you have such a distinctive style, can you share the journey of how you discovered it? Was it a process of evolution?

My style has gone through several periods. Let’s say I’ve always liked dressing up, but I used to follow trends a lot. Today, I manage to wear slightly avant-garde pieces, ones that are not necessarily seen on everyone and that aren’t commonly paired together. My style has evolved, but I think I’ve found the balance and the style that suits me for a few more years. Thanks to my stylist @xomayss, too!

In your opinion, what defines the ideal winter wardrobe?

For me, in winter, you can wear everything: Summer T-shirts, I wear them in winter, as well as jeans that I can wear in both summer and winter. But the essentials to have are: A puffer jacket, a basic hoodie, a long zippered wool sweater, Prada loafers, a pair of Adidas Samba and New Balance 1906 R (having two pairs of sneakers is good).

Hailing from the Middle East, does your fashion challenge stereotypes or norms?

Well, I’m from Egypt through my father and Algeria through my mother. I would say yes and no: My grandmother, who sees me wearing oversized jeans, harasses me every time to alter them by sewing or reducing them by 2/3 sizes … obviously, she’s not used to seeing wide pants worn in this way. And yet, in the Middle East or the Maghreb, traditional style is increasingly popular and inspires many big brands. More and more people are able to mix the two and showcase their culture and their own unique style. I’m thinking particularly of Style Beldi (Instagram); I like his universe. He challenges norms and stereotypes with his old vintage style. I don’t know if I challenge stereotypes, but I think I have a style that is out of the ordinary. Well, my followers should be asked that question, haha.

What story or message do you want to convey through your personal style?

That one can dress well without wearing brands from head to toe. I think every style reflects someone’s personality. Dressing well helps me feel confident.

Can you offer any guidance for individuals seeking to explore and find their own style identity?

The advice I can give: Always turn to basic pieces. You can then pair them with a strong piece (accessories, shoes, coats…) branded or not, which will really dress up your look and make a difference. But sober basic pieces are essential.


  1. shearling wedge boots, LOEWE
  2. 6 moncler 1017 ALYX 9SM almondis shell hooded down jacket, MONCLER GENIUS
  3. embroidered logo hoodie, AIMÉ LEON DORE
  4. re-nylon and leather jacket, PRADA
  5. elasticated leather jacket, PRADA
  6. men’s cassette, BOTTEGA VENETA
  7. grey tracksuit, SUNSET TOWER X SPORTY RICH

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