Loewe Men’s SS23 is a Fusion of Nature and Technology

The collection featured grass growing on cloth and screens integrated into clothing

Loewe  Men’s SS23 is a Fusion of Nature and Technology
Yaseen Dockrat

Jonathan Anderson produced one of the most outstanding shows of Paris Fashion Week inspired by nature and technology.  The designer searched beyond his horizons in the role and brought about radical modernity found in very designers. This was an innovation as opposed to nostalgia. It was new.

Loewe SS 23 menswear was not only a modern show, but it was also a commentary on the time we live in. the setting for the event mirrored a large laptop screen. The show juxtaposed the natural world with the techno obsession that currently dominates our people.

The collection is filled with vibrant renditions of classic staples, where shapes are reduced to their archetypal crudeness, standardised, inflated, shrunken, or sliced. Key pieces include the bomber, the hoodie, sweatshirts, polos, waxed jackets, and track pants, worn together to create the perfect summer capsule.

Anderson managed to bring together nature and modern technology where overcoats and shoes were pieced together with real grass seeded and grown onto the fabric. These plants sprouting from the garments resulted from a collaboration with Spanish bio-designer Paula Ulargui Escalona, who seeded the jerseys, denim, and leather with chia and cat wort greenery. She then grew these plants over 20 days in a polytunnel outside Paris. Other key pieces saw giant screens fitted to garments, showing images of nature, birds flying, and fish swimming. These pieces serve as a commentary on the digital world that now includes VR and AR experiences.

The collection was ablaze with bright colours, while accessories featured a Loewe archetype tote bag, hard case, and padded sneakers. While these live-growing pieces may not make it to the shop floor, they will serve as the perfect accompaniment to the Loewe’s clothing as in-store installations.

Images: Supplied