Five Musicians to Look Out for Right Now!

2022 is going to be a memorable year for emerging talent in the industry

MUSIC 05/05/2022
Yaseen Dockrat

There hasn’t quite been a year like 2022 for breakthrough musicians in the music world. Largely due to the popularity of  Tik Tok, and other apps, undiscovered talents are more likely to be scouted now than ever before.

Literally, anyone who has access to a mobile phone can download the app, and make all kinds of videos and tracks to post for the viewing pleasure of all 1 billion users on the app. As far as these talents are concerned, YUNG has curated five artists who we think are bound to make a breakthrough in 2022.

Dreya Mac

You probably have been living in some sort of time warp if you haven’t come across Londoner Dreya Mac’s Own Brand Freestyle. In case you don’t know the name of the viral track, you are sure to have heard the verse, “I aint never been with a baddie.” Own Brand Freestyle currently soundtracks over 6 million TikTok videos. With such sensational stats, Dreya is only just getting started.

Sam Tomkins

You must have heard TikTok’s famous “talking to the moon” sound clip, right? Of course, you have, all your favourite people on social media have used it as a sound clip on their videos. Well, that sound is credited to 24-year-old Sam Tompkins. The man behind the viral sound clip had caught the ear of Justin Bieber with his blend of pop, R&B, indie rock, and a little sprinkle of rap. Recently, the two were spotted together in the studio, so stay tuned.

Ayra Starr

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and model Ayra Starr started with a forceful 2021, releasing some forceful debut projects. Her track Bloody Samaritan positioned at the top of Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50 charts, before positioning fourth on the UK’s Afrobeat’s Singles and 14th on Billboards Top Thriller Global.


wewantwraiths is a British-Somali rapper who is known for being the man behind the mask. The rapper has become a sensation and has amassed millions of views and streams with his catchy trap wave and high-octane energy.


Raised in Minnesota, KayCyy is the latest protégé from Ye, and is signed to his new label YZY SND. KayCyy also spent a year under Ye’s wing, and has writing credits on Donda, Ye’s critically-acclaimed Grammy-nominated album. The artist has also previously written for Lil Wayne and has worked alongside Justin Bieber.

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