Elyanna Makes History at Coachella 2023: Arabic Pop Takes Center Stage

The Palestinian pop star had the Coachella crowd belting out the lyrics of all our fav Arabic hits

Elyanna Makes History at Coachella 2023: Arabic Pop Takes Center Stage
Menna Shanab

Palestinian-Chilean pop star Elyanna made history at Coachella 2023 as the first artist to perform an entire show in Arabic at the world-renowned music festival. Elyanna’s performance was a groundbreaking moment for Arabic music, showcasing its beauty and universality to a global audience.

Elyanna, Coachella

Her stunning entrance, draped in a flowing white dress, set the tone for a mesmerizing fusion of Arabic and Latin American rhythms, dance, and visual art, and she wowed the crowd with soulful Arabic renditions of classics like ‘La Vie en Rose’ and a mix of her own original music, including tracks from her two EPs, “Elyanna” and “Elyanna II”. Her dynamic stage presence was in full effect as she danced with abandon, tossing her hair, her powerful voice filling the air, showcasing her impressive range as a performer as she moved effortlessly between genres and styles.

Throughout the show, Elyanna electrified the Gobi Stage with her sultry voice and poignant lyrics, backed by a band that blended traditional Arabic instruments such as the oud and tabla with contemporary electronic beats. The singer was also accompanied by her brother, who played the keyboard throughout the performance. Together, they performed a cover of the classic Egyptian ballad “Awhak”, a song they used to sing growing up.

But Elyanna’s performance wasn’t just about music; it was a celebration of Arabic culture and heritage. Throughout the show, she incorporated visual art elements, including images of Arabic calligraphy, geometric patterns, and intricate tapestries, even ending the show by waving a Palestinian keffiyeh before walking offstage. Through her pioneering efforts, Elyanna has created a space for Arabic music in the global music scene, paving the way for more diverse and inclusive representation in the future.

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