Dana Boulos Has Her Goals in Sight

“Most people don't realise the potential they have when they set their minds to their goals.”

Dana Boulos Has Her Goals in Sight
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Photographer and film director Dana Boulos (Instagram) proves that hard work and determination pay off.

Dana Boulos

As a creative, did you have a muse growing up?

Yes, I had so many, but my first was my grandmother, Teta Afaf. There was something about Teta that was so glamorous in an unapologetic way.

How did you end up in the world of film and photography?

I had a million different jobs before going into film and photography. I’d wanted to be a director all my life, then one day I decided to make that dream a reality. Most people don’t realise the potential they have when they set their minds to their goals.

What does it take to make it within this industry?

This industry isn’t for everyone, it takes hard work, struggle, sweat, luck, ambition, failure, and determination to get to where you want to be. You have to learn to carry on working despite the incredulity of people around you, and most importantly, you must develop a thick skin [in order] to keep going.

Dana Boulos

What or who do you like to shoot most?

I primarily like to shoot with people, and I especially love being able to work with actors who can transform themselves mentally into the role. There’s so much that plays into creating and bringing a scene or image to life.

Who is someone you dream of collaborating with next?

Nadia Labaki.

Dana Boulos

What three words would best describe your style of work?

Dreamy, fearless, aspirational – these are words others have used to describe my work.

What does hope mean to you?

Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite the darkness.

Where do you look when searching for new inspiration?

From life and books.

If you were to be placed in front of a camera for a change, which photographer would you choose to photograph you?

I’d love to be photographed by Nan Goldin, she’s someone I’ve always looked up to.

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