Cartier mini bags – Luxury … in miniature

Great things, small packages.

FASHION 01/09/2023
This Is Yung

Cartier (Instagram) mini bags are simply fun. A fantastic blend of relaxed, casual style and classic, timeless elegance, they’re whimsical and yet carry Cartier’s timeless appeal, but in miniature.


Descended from the classic C de Cartier and Panthère de Cartier lines, these new iterations feature the same jeweled clasps as their predecessors – a metal logo with enamel, a ring in profile or a panther’s head with graphic lines.


The three collections of mini bags feature leather or chain straps and can be worn from the shoulder or cinched around the waist, allowing you to keep your hands entirely free.


Available in either soft or hard grained leather, depending on the model, the bags come in black, cherry-red or pale pink. These tiny wonders have had their clasps reimagined by Cartier’s craftsmen, scaled down to a minimum they match the mini bag’s proportions perfectly.


Fun, yet classically-inspired, these mini bags from Cartier are the ultimate example of luxurious playfulness.


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