A Tribute to Virgil Abloh: Meditation on Time

Our tribute to the late Louis Vuitton designer is a meditation on time

FASHION 03/06/2022

The first conversation I had about Virgil Abloh’s passing revolved heavily around the concept of time.

How did this enigma, with all his businesses, projects, and obligations, find the time to have such a profound impact on so many people on a personal level?

How did he have the time to love a family? How did he find the time to guide a community? Where did he find the energy to do all of these things with such a contagious intensity?

Our tribute to Abloh is a meditation on time – Luke Doman took his friends to sacred places and asked them to think about how they would answer a very simple question:

What would you do if you had more time?

A tribute to Virgil featuring Louis Vuitton SS21 collection by Luke Doman in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gorgeous Bushman (Bathandwa) wears all clothing Louis Vuitton. Shirt talent’s own


Salik wears all clothing Louis Vuitton. T-shirt, sunglasses, and beanie talent’s own


Elie wears all clothing Louis Vuitton


Tyler wears jacket Louis Vuitton


Lesedi wears all clothing Louis Vuitton

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