Wes Anderson honoured with Cartier ‘Glory to the Filmmaker’ Award

Anderson was celebrated for his contributions to film.

ART & CULTURE 08/09/2023
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In a dazzling celebration of cinema and artistic heritage, Wes Anderson was presented with the ‘Glory to the Filmmaker’ Award as Cartier (Instagram) continues its legendary association with the silver screen.


Stars like Gloria Swanson, Grace Kelly, and María Félix have adorned Cartier’s finest jewels and watches over nearly a century. But Cartier’s love for the arts goes beyond glamour. For the third consecutive year, it stands as the principal sponsor of the Venice International Film Festival.

Wes Anderson

This enduring collaboration is all about delving deep into the art of cinematography, music, and costume design and this year the spotlight shone brightly on iconic American director, writer, and producer Wes Anderson. He was presented with the prestigious award in recognition of his profound contributions to the world of cinema. Anderson’s distinct style and ability to transport audiences to his imaginative, poetic, and wholly human worlds earned him this honour.


Cyrille Vigneron, President and CEO of Cartier International, noted, “Wes Anderson has created a unique and recognizable style. Whether his stories lead us to India, New England, imaginary Hungary, Paris, or elsewhere, he invites us into his fantastical, quirky, and comical realm. Everything may be fictional, eccentric, and amusing, but his characters and heroes tug at our heartstrings.”

Wes Anderson

Beyond the silver screen, Cartier continues to embrace Venice’s rich artistic heritage and culture. A notable collaboration with the renowned Teatro la Fenice has resulted in a special performance called ‘Ciao Casanova,’ directed by musician and director Solrey.


Not stopping there, Cartier lends its support to the restoration and refurbishment of several Venetian art venues, including the Teatro Verde, Conservatorio Di Musica Benedetto Marcello, and Conservatorio Di Musica Benedetto Marcello. These endeavours ensure that the splendour of Venice remains accessible to both local residents and international visitors for generations to come.


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