Vilebrequin X Bape Black Boosts Your Beach Swagger

Make room in your swimwear collection, the turtle has merged with the ape

FASHION 01/08/2022

When it comes to your swimwear smarts this could be the collab you never knew you needed. But we fully endorse the turtle, ape and (technically) shark involved in a brand new collection from Vilebrequin x Bape Black – the legendary French brand that has made you look better at the beach for decades and the luxe diffusion range of Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape. Here’s what you should know about the drop.

Vilebrequin x Bape black

What’s in the collection?

Vilebrequin x Bape Black is a seven-piece drop that includes swim trunks, tees and sweats for men, women and kids. Something of a departure for Vilebrequin, the collection is predominantly black and white, while the colour that does make its way in there – pastel pink and green – also represents a move away from the traditional Saint-Tropez shades of the brand. Meanwhile, oversized fits offer a shift from Vilbrequin’s more tailored roots and towards the streetwear aesthetic of A Bathing Ape.

Vilebrequin x Bape black


Is this collab unexpected for Vilebrequin?

Not really. While Vilebrequin has always been a brand laser-focussed on its Saint-Tropez style, it does have a recent reputation for refreshing collaboration. In 2019 we saw collections not only with Off-White, but also Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. The French-Moroccan designer has worked with everyone from Andy Warhol to Basquiat. He also created a sequinned jacket for Beyonce and an, erm, Donald Duck costume for Rihanna.

Vilebrequin x Bape black

How about Bape?

Befitting its “Urahara” style reputation (Urahara meaning Underground Harajuku, the cosplay-loving, style-obsessed Tokyo district it originates), A Bathing Ape always seems to have a relevant collaboration up its camo-print sleeve. Recent successes include partnering with New Balance, Barbour and Minions (yes, really). 

Vilebrequin x Bape black

When and where to cop?

Now that the Vilebrequin turtle has merged with the Bape ape, your summer swimwear wardrobe is boosted by fits perfect for both sea and land. The Vilebrequin x Bape Black collection has just dropped globally, and can be found here.

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