Discover the RL 888 Handbag and The 888 House from Ralph Lauren

An incredible new bag and a digital store show Ralph Lauren's vision of the future.

FASHION 28/08/2023
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Ralph Lauren (Instagram) blends the physical and digital as it presents the gorgeous RL 888 Handbag collection and a remarkable new digital store. The RL 888 series represents Ralph Lauren’s clear sense of style and sophistication, introducing a signature piece that stands as both a fashion statement and a work of art. The campaign ingeniously combines contrasts, with the sleek, contemporary bag set against a rugged, weathered landscape in an exploration of juxtaposition, a cornerstone of the brand’s identity.

Ralph Lauren

“I draw inspiration from nature’s captivating contradictions, where the heavens meet rugged terrains. It’s the perfect canvas to embody the timeless allure of The RL 888 and the spirit of the modern woman who forges her path, irrespective of her surroundings. She exudes boldness and romance, a blend of modernity and timelessness – much like The RL 888 bag itself,” said Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren

Leading the campaign are the ever-stunning Anna Ewers and Fei Fei Sun, weaving a narrative of personal connection with their RL 888 handbags. The story unfolds not just through captivating visuals, but also through the heartfelt short film “Outside of Time,” a creation directed by Diana Kunst and filmed by Robert Elswit. The backdrop, an enchanting golden landscape adorned with fields, shadowy peaks, and rustic fences, serves as a stage where Ewers and Sun transcend time’s confines. Donning everything from cowboy hats and boots to simple black dresses, the duo personifies their individual style, seamlessly interwoven with the essence of The RL 888.

Ralph Lauren

This collection, a mosaic of meticulous artistry, comprises crossbody, top handle, and mini crossbody chain designs. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the heart of Florence, Italy, each bag showcases the iconic architecture of New York City, marrying defined angles and graceful curvature. The collection boasts a diverse range of exquisite fabrics and luxurious box calf leathers, handpicked and expertly cut for precision. The result? A timeless silhouette with a luxurious shine, elegant texture, and robust structure. The RL logo, available in palladium, brass, or champagne finishes, adorns the bag as a dynamic closure, housing an elevated push lock that marries elegance with functionality.

In tandem with the RL 888 launch, Ralph Lauren introduces The 888 House, a digital marvel brought to life by cutting-edge Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology. This ethereal space transports users to a fusion of fantasy and reality, nestled within a virtual desert expanse. A surreal interpretation of the iconic “RL” logo, The 888 House transforms shopping into an interactive and immersive adventure. Thanks to intricate 3D modeling, dynamic lighting, and gravity-defying physics, visitors can explore its rooms and discover icons from the Ralph Lauren collection and also The RL 888 Handbag itself.

The 888 House

The 888 House is a merger of the brand’s luxurious heritage with modern technology, providing a taste of what lies ahead as Ralph Lauren ventures into the realms of Web3 and pioneering ‘phygital’ retail landscapes.


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