Salma Abu Deif Launches Size-Inclusive Swimwear Brand

Plus three more size-inclusive brands to follow

Salma Abu Deif Launches Size-Inclusive Swimwear Brand
Yaseen Dockrat

Egyptian Actress Salma Abu Deif is the latest celebrity to enter the world of swimsuits, following in the footsteps of the like of Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. But while this might not appear anything exactly new, the crucial difference in the industry right now is the rise of brands creating collections that are size inclusive.

The 29-year actress announced the launch of her size-inclusive brand, Elma, via Instagram, on Sunday, writing that she had created a brand with an impeccable fit for all shapes and sizes. While the post itself didn’t really feature too many plus size women – which feels like a missed opportunity – the brand is making a positive move that, when aligned with her celebrity, will undoubtedly resonate in the market and beyond.

“I have seen a gap in the swimwear market that makes it difficult for women to find what suits them and their body,” said Abu Deif. “It’s a constant struggle that I have seen everywhere. I aim to create not only a brand but an environment and community that celebrates and embraces natural beauty in all forms it comes in. This is Elma. Your second skin.”

Images that accompanied the post give us an early indication that the brand will create bikinis and swimsuits with cut-out details, asymmetric straps, and minimal colours, red and baby blue.

There hasn’t been an official release date yet for Salma Abu Deif swimwear,  but while you wait for Elma’s launch collection, Yung has added some other inclusive swimwear brands to keep you beach-ready.

The Shore Thing

Another Egyptian swimwear brand, The Shore Thing, launched a new line of swimwear that celebrates all body types. The brand has several swimwear options for people of all sizes, giving you the option to refine your swimwear options for the summer.

Dulce by Safiya

Dulce by Safiya is a UAE-based swimwear brand that create modest swimwear for all body types. In fact, Safiya Abdallah, founder of Dulce by Safiya, coined the term “modest-inclusive”. Inclusive swimwear options are becoming increasingly popular as brands look to cater for all sizes.

Noor Swimwear

Presented as the most elegant modest swimwear on the market. The brand was created for fashion-conscious ladies who wish to remain covered while enjoying the beach. Noor Swimwear has gone a step beyond just the swimwear itself, by creating a set of innovative accessories and head-coverings that can be worn to varying degrees of coverage options.