Poison Drop – The hottest jewellery this season

Poison Drop is undeniably it and YUNG’s editors are in love. The store’s specially curated collections present unique pieces that are sure to catch the eye.

FASHION 18/08/2023
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Poison Drop (Instagram), the jewellery emporium known for curating an ensemble of global designs, is back with a fantastic collection for your consideration. So, take a look at their latest treasure trove of adornments and discover the very essence of chic this season.


The “Statement” collection lives up to its name. Oversized earrings, necklaces, and bracelets catch admiring glances whenever they’re seen. They smarten up casual outfits and take elegent ensembles to another level. These are the ultimate conversation starters!

Poison Drop Poison Drop Poison Drop

“Get Your Greens” beckons you to indulge everything that’s on trend this summer. From delicate pastels to electrifying neons, verdant shades reign supreme as a quintessential colour trend. While casting your eyes over all these green tones, just think how well they’ll work with those Barbie-inspired ensembles.

Poison Drop

Step into the world of “Crystals,” where boundaries between styles dissolve away. A collection that seamlessly melds elegance and sporty nonchalance, these gems effortlessly breathe life into every wardrobe. With each piece serving as an embodiment of daring spirit, they defy convention by enhancing both sophisticated and laid-back attire.

Poison Drop

Pearls, an everlasting emblem of grace and style, continue their reign atop the trend pyramid. A favourite of designers and stylists worldwide, these stunning orbs are ever-evolving within fashion. What’s more, menswear designers have fallen under their spell as well, embracing pearls as the pinnacle of contemporary male accessories.

Poison Drop

As the sizzle of summer envelops the air, “Summer Vibes” beckons you to embrace the sun-kissed allure of the season. Radiant bead necklaces evoke memories of lazy days by the shore, while ankle bracelets work beautifully with sandals and sun-kissed pedicures. Dive deeper and discover aquatic treasures like shell pendants, jellyfish rings, and the timeless elegance of pearls.

Poison Drop

Finally, there’s the “Morocco” collection from the creatives at LUTA Jewelry. Guided by the architectural tapestry of Morocco, designer Tatiana Lukhta weaves a spellbinding narrative into each creation. Drawing from the rich heritage of Africa, Arabia, and Western Europe, this collection is a symphony of cultures converging in splendid harmony. Crafted from silver, resplendent in opulent gold plating and vibrant enamel, these pieces transcend the mundane, catapulting your style to extraordinary realms.

Poison Drop

So, there’s more than a little to choose from at Poison Drop, all of which can be found at, international shipping is free and UAE residents can benefit from express delivery.


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