Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign – A Surreal Journey to the Future

Miu Miu Live! takes fashion out of the box, democratizing it and fighting preconceptions.

FASHION 21/07/2023
Louis Parks

Buckle up! Miu Miu (Instagram) is propelling us into an extraordinary realm, fusing past, present, and future in their Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, aptly titled ‘Miu Miu Live!’. This fashion powerhouse is revolutionizing the runway, transforming creating democratic, transient spaces where fashion is . Picture this: an airport, a TV studio, or a cosmic time machine primed to transport you to an era where fashion defies and transcends all temporal norms.

Miu Miu

The inhabitants of this mesmerizing world are an enigmatic blend of outward exuberance and inner introspection. One moment, they’re going full speed, embracing the essence of ‘Live!’ for all it’s worth. The next, they withdraw into a captivating cocoon of self-absorption, radiating an intriguing air of remoteness. It’s a deliberate disorientation, a delightful disruption that confidently strays from the beaten path of time.

Miu Miu

Elegant twinsets, knee-length pencil skirts, and generously tailored silhouettes, all woven from dry, substantial wools make up the bulk of the collection. These ensembles conspire to simultaneously cover and reveal the body. Hidden elements take center stage, as waistbands of stockings, signature panties sans skirts, and delicate petticoats confidently step into the limelight. It all forms a delicate dance between spontaneity, languor, and ease shrouded in mystery, an ode to the tranquil solitude of the human spirit.

Miu Miu

In the captivating universe of ‘Miu Miu Live!’, avatars and real-life personas alike oscillate between the abstract and the intimate, blending into the foreground and fading into the background. This compelling campaign weaves an elusive narrative, tantalizingly revealing just enough to leave us yearning for more. The familiar is deconstructed, turned inside out, and meticulously examined under a fresh and intriguing lens.

Enter the stellar cast, adding their charisma to this multidimensional fashion drama. Ethel Cain, the singer-songwriter with haunting vocals, lends her musical magic to the mix. Emma Corrin, Mia Goth, and Zhao Jinmai, the epitome of theatrical charm, infuse the campaign with a cinematic aura. Models Amelia Gray Hamlin and Annabelle Weatherly, with their timeless beauty, elevate the experience to ethereal heights. And let’s not forget the impactful presence of Zaya Wade, the LGBTQ+ advocate and model, fearlessly championing individuality and bold advocacy.

Guided by the masterful lens of photographer Zoë Ghertner, ‘Miu Miu Live!’ emerges as an entrancing fashion paradox, at once immediate and eternal, captivating yet elusive. It transcends the realm of a mere campaign, ushering in a new era of fashion where Miu Miu playfully rewrites the rules of the game.

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