Michael Kors unveils an ode to Greenwich Village for FW 23

An homage to Greenwich Village's unique spirit and a blast from the past.

FASHION 25/08/2023
This Is Yung

This season, Michael Kors (Instagram) channels the rule-breaking essence of Greenwich Village, infusing the FW 23 collection with a tapestry of proportions, cuts, and colours that echo the neighbourhood’s unapologetic flair. A tribute to an iconic neighbourhood’s legacy, this collection celebrates rule-breaking and redefines elegance for the modern world.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors showcases an enchanting interplay of proportions. Long sweeping coats and dramatic capes share the stage with leggy dresses, skirts, and shorts, creating a captivating visual dialogue between coverage and revelation. It’s a masterful celebration of feminine power and self-expression, underscored by Kors’ aesthetics.

Michael Kors

Elevating individuality to new heights, Michael Kors introduces an array of daring cuts that frame the body in artful sophistication. Slashes and slits empower movement, while body-conscious knits embrace and accentuate the female form. With hip-slung belts defying conventions and shifting the gaze, the collection embodies a contemporary allure that redefines elegance with each stride.

Michael Kors

Glamour takes on a whole new dimension as sleek jumpsuits redefine evening sophistication. Merging the realms of style and comfort, Michael Kors presents a new vision for the night, painting a picture of modern elegance that transcends traditional notions, inviting you to embrace a refreshing take on after-hours allure.

A rich tapestry of shades unfolds across the collection, offering an emotional journey through colour. From the dignified tones of graphite and charcoal to the warm hues of chocolate and chestnut, the palette is an exploration of depth and emotion. Hints of monochrome merlot and forest lend an additional layer of sophistication.

Talking of the collection, Michael Kors explains, “For this collection, I was really thinking about the things that influenced me when I was coming of age in the ‘70s—the women who influenced me, the neighbourhood that influenced me, and the combination of big city glamour and bohemia that I found in Greenwich Village at that time.” His words underscore the brand’s seamless fusion of nostalgia and modernity, creating a collection that is both a tribute to an era and a celebration of timeless style.


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