MCM Autumn/Winter 2023 – The Bandana Monogram

Freedom, self-expression and movement come to the fore in the latest from MCM

FASHION 17/08/2023
This Is Yung

For the Autumn/Winter 2023 season, MCM (Instagram) has unveiled its latest creation, the Bandana Monogram – an artful convergence of the brand’s iconic monogram print and timeless Americana allure.


The famed German luxury fashion house is embarking on a captivating odyssey through vintage aesthetics. With a daring nod to the intrepid spirit of the cowboy, MCM melds the cherished symbols of classic Americana with a design ethos that celebrates freedom, dynamism, and self-expression.


MCM’s latest features everything from audacious graphic prints and commanding oversized patterns to meticulously tailored silhouettes that evoke a sense of structure, juxtaposed with the fluidity of relaxed forms. The collection pays homage to trailblazers who defy convention, forging their own destinies in the pursuit of the extraordinary.


Dubbed the Bandana Monogram, this new chapter in MCM’s narrative seamlessly interlaces their distinctive Visetos and Bavarian diamonds motifs with the ever-enchanting paisley patterns and forms part of MCM’s Space Cowboy capsule. A captivating dance of tradition and innovation, the brand’s hallmark design language undergoes a metamorphosis, blossoming into a motif that adorns many of their new offerings – from sophisticated backpacks and refined handbags to versatile weekenders and exquisitely crafted crossbody companions.

Juxtaposing sharp, bespoke tailoring with sumptuously plush yet practical fabrics, the collection exudes an air of youthful exuberance. Vibrant graphic applications breathe life into hoodies, tees, jerseys, and knitwear, harmoniously coalescing to embody an effortless elegance in layering, reflecting both confidence and ease. A harmonious synthesis of natural and synthetic materials amplifies resilience against the elements, while featherweight organic cotton and resilient nylon offer seamless mobility throughout the seasons.

Whether wielded as a singular, resounding statement piece or combined together, the Bandana Monogram emerges as a style, an idea, dedicated to embracing the free.


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