Margiela x Reebok Extend Their Collaboration

The two brands have released The Classic Leather and the Club C Memory of V2

FASHION 03/10/2022
Yaseen Dockrat

Collaborations have become such a major part of fashion, in recent years, that it seems like almost every day there is an announcement of a new brand partnership somewhere. Maison Margiela and Reebok are the latest to join forces, launching the Classic Leather and the Club C Memory of V2.

Margiela Reebok

Margiela’s The Memory Of conveys a languished impression of a motif still evident in a garment or accessory. It is an echo of something that once was evoked within the creation of something new.” Under the Creative Direction of John Galliano, the house has entered a new chapter: a collaboration with Reebok. Galliano deconstructs and re-assembles the two classic sneakers, using knives, scissors, and staplers to chip away the layers of the shoe and reveal semi-transparent nylons and safety zigzag stitches of their original inner construction. This process reduces the sneaker to a memory of its original construction.


Margiela Reebok

The collaboration between the luxury house and the sportswear brand consists of five sneakers. The pair have released the second versions of the Classic Leather and the Club C Memory which further explores Margiela’s the Memory of technique. In the second version, the pair push the limits of deconstruction within the boundaries of recognisability. The results are striking silhouettes in triple white and triple black colourways. It is essentially Reebok but updated with Margiela’s luxury.


Margiela Reebok

In recent years luxury brands have all given their take on classic streetwear staples. Kim Jones at Christian Dior rendered the Nike Air Jordan 1, while Virgil Abloh reworked the classic Nike Airs for both Louis Vuitton and Off-White. It was just a matter of time before one of the highest profile houses and designers reworked Reebok’s most loved silhouettes.

Margiela Reebok

The Margiela Club C Memory V2 and Classic Leather were released on September 30 and will be available in Select Margiela stores and here.

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