A Study in Character

Omar Apollo and Jamie Dornan sat for David Sims

FASHION 20/07/2023
Louis Parks

The new Men’s campaign from LOEWE (Instagram) embraces silent communication and surreal sensations through a simple focus on the subject.


The essence of silent communication and the psychology of character come to life in LOEWE’s latest men’s campaign. With the reductionist spirit at its core, the campaign, captured by David Sims, delves into the art of expression through the gaze and body gesture. Singer and songwriter Omar Apollo and Golden-Globe nominated actor Jamie Dornan take center stage, adorned in LOEWE’s impeccable attire and symbolic objects, set against blurred, ethereal backdrops.


The ambiances are enigmatic, veiled by rubberized sheets that erase spatial features, leaving only the voluminous essence of the room. The plush velvets, leathers, and felts of the clothes and accessories tantalizingly emerge in pictures, evoking a tangible quality. Classical allegorical painting inspiration comes to play in group shots, where models with copper and paper wings recline with Renaissance-like poise.


Drawing inspiration from artist Julien Nguyen, whose work influenced the collection, these images pay homage to the masters of the past. Still life compositions portray bags and shoes, including the Puzzle Fold tote and Terra Chelsea boots, sculpturally and texturally present, creating surreal visuals of uncanny allure.


Jamie Dornan, lauded for his remarkable roles, garnered Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice nominations for “Belfast.” A BAFTA nominee for “The Fall,” and continues to shine in projects, such as “Heart of Stone” with Gal Gadot and “The Haunting of Venice” alongside Kenneth Branagh.


Omar Apollo, the mesmerizing shape-shifter of pop music, infuses his bilingual artistry with the funk and soul of his upbringing. With a debut album titled “Ivory” and a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, he stands as one of the most exciting talents in the genre.


A beautiful, contemplative campaign from LOEWE, for sure.


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