Level Shoes Unveils Bottega Veneta’s Coveted Orbit Sneaker

Step into the latest streetwear sensation

Level Shoes Unveils Bottega Veneta’s Coveted Orbit Sneaker
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Level Shoes (Instagram) is once again at the forefront of footwear fashion with the highly anticipated release of Bottega Veneta‘s Orbit Sneaker. After being spotted on Hailey Bieber, the Orbit Sneaker instantly became a grail for sneaker enthusiasts, with devotees heading all over the internet to bag a pair.


Drawing inspiration from 90s fashion and Bottega Veneta’s iconic design elements, these low-top sneakers feature a mesh pattern reminiscent of the brand’s famous Intreccio weaving. The unisex sneakers exhibit a streamlined style that perfectly combines casual and detail-oriented elements.

Level Shoes

The shoe’s exceptional construction involves a specially selected technical mesh that bridges the worlds of ergonomics and engineering. Despite their lightweight feel, the sneakers showcase meticulous design with layered synthetic and leather panels, metallic heel accents, and a tonal gum rubber sole.

Part of the Fall/Winter 23 collection, the Orbit Sneaker is available in women’s editions in white and parakeet with silver, and a black colorway for men. Discover this sought-after streetwear sensation exclusively at Level Shoes.


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