La Dolce Vita: A symphony of homeware and candles from La DoubleJ

"Give me Italy, and I'll hand you the universe," - La DoubleJ embodies a timeless grace.

ART & CULTURE 10/08/2023
This Is Yung Staff

A certain Italian essence is woven into every fibre of the La DoubleJ (Instagram) homewear and candle collections unveiled at Salone del Mobile 2023. With Italy as their compass, the brand introduces their “Napoli” tabletop treasures, as radiant as the sun-kissed Amalfi coast, and the “Scents of The Motherland” candle collection, an olfactory odyssey through founder J.J. Martin’s cherished Italian cities.

La DoubleJ

A symphony born from Neapolitan palazzos, the “Napoli” collection celebrates Italy’s grandeur with mosaic-inspired motifs and sunlit frescoes. Immersed in abundant florals and grand geometrics, the range presents a series of stunning pieces that are sure to add a touch of elegance to any table. Discover the charm of Salino, and the opulence of the Poseidon Charger. Awash in 18K gold, the soup and dinner plates speak of the unrestrained style typical of La DoubleJ.

La DoubleJ

Vibrant striped and colour-blocked linens, evoke seaside umbrellas, while the Cloud Placemats offer up seductive hues. Murano glassware shines anew with Perfetto Wine Glass, while Colombian artisans’ hand-woven Raffia Placemats, Coasters, and Napkin Rings suggest an al fresco setting.

La DoubleJ

Alongside the tableware, La DoubleJ’s debut four-piece candle saga – “Scents From the Motherland” – are a fragrant voyage across Italy’s cities. Milano’s wintry mystique, Capri’s citrus serenade, Lago di Como’s feminine allure, Pantelleria’s untamed herbaceousness – each is a reverie. In porcelain vessels adorned with 18K gold, these candles become cherished vessels of memories, post-use. A whiff and you’re wandering ancient streets, kissed by the essence of Italy.

La DoubleJ

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