Givenchy Presents 101 Dalmatians Capsule

The collection is a continuation of Givenchy’s collaboration with Disney

Givenchy Presents 101 Dalmatians Capsule
Yaseen Dockrat

Earlier this year, Givenchy’s creative director Matthew M Williams announced a long-term collaboration with Disney.  Extending the collaboration, Givenchy has revealed its second limited-edition capsule collection that features characters from the 101 Dalmatians.

The collection is a tribute to love and loyalty and features Pongo, Perdita, and their pups from Disney’s iconic 1961 animated film. The collection will accompany a specially customized animation created by Walt Disney Animation Studios and features a special appearance by Kate Moss.

The collection is designed by Givenchy’s Creative Director Matthew M Williams and sees the 101 Dalmatians take a stylish outing in the City of Light. The collection is filled with playful references in Disney prints that portray the Dalmatians frolicking on Givenchy’s 4G emblem, as well as hanging from balconies of Hotel de Caraman, the House’s address on Avenue George V. The infamous Cruella De Vil, from the loved animation, also features, seen here in Paris with shopping bags hanging over her arms. Ready-to-wear bags, shoes, small leather accessories, and jewellery make up the collection.

Key pieces for women include a t-shirt in light pink, black and white, with puppies climbing through Givenchy lettering and prints of Cruella De Vil sauntering at the windows of Givenchy’s Paris headquarters. The black and white varsity jacket bearing a portrait of Perdita sporting a G-Lock collar – an ode to the love locks on the bridges of Paris – is another key item.

The menswear line comes in a colour palette of black, white, and red and features a pongo featuring a G-Lock, and a tailored black suit with a U-lock closure and white accents. The collection is finished with ripped and repaired denim pieces that feature black spots, giving it a dalmatian-like look.

“To have the opportunity to tell a story and create new animation with the characters from 101 Dalmatians, through the imaginative and playful lens of the House of Givenchy, was an absolute dream. It was a true delight to collaborate with such talented creators to bring these beloved characters back to life in such a unique way,” said renowned Disney director Eric Goldberg.

Accessories from the collection will include leather collar necklaces fastened with G-Locks, wallets and card holders, a Pongo body bag, and a black backpack with a castle silhouette. Statement jewellery in silver-finished brass and enamel see a playful blend of the words Givenchy and 101 Dalmatians are accompanied by heart-shaped rings, earrings, and pendants – each embellished with 4G motifs on one side, and dalmatian spots and 4G logo on the other.