Boss FW/22 Explores Soft Power

The brand wants you to be your own boss

FASHION 23/09/2022
Yaseen Dockrat

Milan Fashion Week is well underway, and last night Boss revealed its FW/22 collection which deconstructs the idea of power dressing and references the brand’s rich sports heritage. 

Boss A/W22

A star-studded lineup modelled Boss’ latest collection that reinterprets iconic pieces from the brand’s archive, reinventing them for a new generation. 

The Boss AW22 collection looks at the brands sporting heritage for inspiration. For some time now Boss has targeted the younger generation, and the show, with its venue set up like a motorsport arena, featuring caged globes of steel, lit by graphic lights beams and lasers ensured that the show was another social media moment for the brand. 

Boss A/W22

The show

The brand truly understands the power of Generation Z. Not only did its model lineup includes Naomi Cambell, Khaby Lame and Anthony Joshua, the brand understands the power of the younger generation and their “see now, buy now” attitude. For these reasons the collection, which was live-streamed across multiple platforms including was also instantly shoppable via Livestream. The brand also became the first to allow followers to shop directly from TikTok, using its shop feature. Only followers in the UK were able to use the feature for this show, but we imagine all future shows will allow followers to buy items from the social media app with a simple click or two. 

Boss A/W22

The collection

BOSS’ A/W22 collection doesn’t focus on a particular key look, but instead on the variety of silhouettes of the original power suit. These silhouettes varied from slouchy to sculptural, focusing on the new era where the idea of power is multi-faceted, where strength arises from softness. Classic items from the archive that embodied empowerment in those years – the traditional full canvas jacket and the leather biker pants – were reworked in delicate material and fluid shapes to prove that clothing can be easy and soft and still make its wearer feel powerful. 

Boss A/W22

“Our archive is the beating heart of BOSS and the brand’s legacy,” said Marco Falcioni, Senior Vice President of Hugo Boss. “We were inspired by some iconic BOSS campaign images from the 90s to explore power suits from decades past, and to ask ourselves: how can we capture the empowering mood of these pieces for a new generation? We were drawn to the idea of soft power this season.”

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