Between reality and illusion – The new campaign from Loewe

Loewe presents a study of contrasts.

FASHION 30/08/2023
This Is Yung

In a world where perception blurs the lines between reality and illusion, the new Loewe (Instagram) women’s campaign unveils a visual journey that transcends the ordinary. Captured through the lens of the visionary David Sims, the campaign exists in a realm of hazy ambiances, echoing the enigmatic prints that define the heart of the collection.



Elevating the campaign’s allure are Loewe’s Global Brand Ambassador, the multifaceted actress and director Taylor Russell, and the captivating actress Tang Wei. Caught in moments that defy time’s grasp, they embody an air of timeless elegance. Whether toying with a pair of glasses or cradling the foldable Puzzle tote and the soft, unlined nappa leather Squeeze Bag, they exist in a world of suspended animation. These images not only showcase the pieces they hold, but also invite the viewer to explore the realms of their imagination.


The pictures are a symphony of contrasts—lightness and craftsmanship converge seamlessly. The Puzzle tote’s intricate foldability and the Squeeze Bag’s sculptural form, complete with a customizable chain and a distinctive squeezy handle, mirror the ethereal essence of the campaign. Russell and Wei’s wardrobes mirror this narrative—fluid duchesse satin dresses adorned in mesmerizing blur prints that challenge the eye, alongside square-lined bonded-nappa ensembles in pastel hues that evoke the playful nostalgia of Polly Pocket.

Textures take center stage as feathers, rhinestones, brushed suede, and shearling infuse tactile allure into each frame. Surreal compositions hold allegorical secrets, weaving a visual language that echoes the men’s FW23 campaign. Models recline on tables, draped in feather dresses, holding the iconic Squeeze Bag. These still-life moments offer a direct and candid perspective, treating bags and shoes—the Puzzle Edge, Flamenco, Goya, Paseo, Toy, and Bow pumps—as the coveted objects of desire they truly are.


In the world of Loewe, boundaries blur, elegance takes on a surreal edge, and the ethereal becomes a tangible reality. The campaign captures a realm where fashion meets art, and perception dances with imagination, inviting us all to revel in its mystery.


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