Abdulaziz Al-Hosni Questions Omani Masculinity

Unicorn camels incoming

Abdulaziz Al-Hosni Questions Omani Masculinity
Yaseen Dockrat

Abdulaziz Al-Hosni has garnered a substantial Instagram following through depicting Omani culture in a new light. Using himself as his muse, the photographer juxtaposes vintage imagery and modern objects, themes and clothing. Through this juxtaposition he questions traditional perceptions and structures of masculinity.

Abdulaziz Al-Hosni

Portraying a soft masculinity, something that has for long time existed in the background in this part of the world, Al-Hosni uses moments he found inspirational and recreates them using Omani culture. In one of his powerful images, Abdulaziz, inspired by the painting The Creation of Adam, explores Omani youths love for the supernatural. Backdropped by the pyramids of Giza, “a young Omani man finds himself in ancient Egypt searching for an ever- potent love potion. The young man befriends a local Egyptian boy who has curated and harnessed the power of this potion.”

Abdulaziz Al-Hosni

His images follow a series, and the Magic Island image taken in Cairo is followed by The Last Potion, where Abdulaziz reimagines The Last Supper. Inspired by Leonardo’s great artwork, the photographer reimagines the painting in Oman. “Once he gets the potion from ancient Egypt, the young man returns home to his Habayeb Club to share this magical potion with the other members of the club,” he says. “Not knowing their limits or the consequences, these men selfishly indulge themselves and drink till the very last drop of the love potion, ending up with nothing but an empty bottle, and an over-saturated heart.”

How has the culture you grew up in influenced your work?

I feel the need to represent myself and the unique background I come from. I see The Omani culture not only influencing high fashion brands in the near future but also movies and mainstream media.

Abdulaziz Al-Hosni

Can you describe the last dream you had?

I usually have absurd dreams that I find it difficult to even comprehend as soon as I wake up. However, the last dream I had was about a stranger who took me to my family’s farm where we found an Apple store that we wanted to visit, but as we walked towards the store it kept getting further away which was absurd.

If you could travel in time, what era would you visit?

I would like to live a day in the year 400BC in Greece. 

Abdulaziz Al-Hosni

What are the top tracks on your playlist right now?

DJ Khalid, “God Did”

Half Omani (feat. Svid), “SOLTA”

Beyoncé, “Church Girl”

The Weeknd, “Loft Music” 

Ye, “Devil In A New Dress” (feat. Rick Ross)

What should we know about you?

I’m obsessed with Ye, Karak tea, and I don’t have a driving license yet. 

If you could showcase your images anywhere, where would it be?

Times Square in NYC.

Abdulaziz Al-Hosni

What mythological creature best embodies you?

Unicorn camel.

What is your favourite – and least favourite – things about being a photographer?

My favourite thing would be capturing the picture I imagined in my head. Least favourite would be not having full creative freedom when working with brands.